SW Masjid has a marriage committee dedicated to helping a bride and groom have a memorable wedding day.

Please follow the procedures below before contacting us:

1. A marriage license must be obtained prior to the date of the marriage (Nikkah). This document must be provided at the ceremony. Please visit the site below for more information on hot to obtain a license:

2. The bride must be represented by her guardian (Wali) which is a male relative ex. father, brother, son, grandfather, paternal uncle, etc. The following people cannot be a wali: maternal uncle, women, friends etc. 

3. Must have two adult male muslim witnesses (baligh) present at the ceremony.

4. The dowry (mahr) must be discussed and agreed upon by both parties prior to ceremony.

Please contact the Masjid at 403-242-1637 for all the details on booking your Islamic and civil marriages.

Fee minimum $350

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Volunteers Required
Jomaa/Friday Prayer update First Jomaa 2:00 PM, Second Jomaa 3:30 pm