Losing a loved one can be an extremely stressful time. Our volunteers strive to make this process as easy as possible for families and loved ones. Please contact the brothers (available 24x7) below if you require funeral services:

Br. Zuhair Osman - 403-651-7234
Br. Nagah Hage - 403-615-9994

Please provide the following information when you call in:

● Location of deceased?
● Time of death?
● Correct spelling of deceased name?
● Date of birth?
● Which location do you want the funeral to be held at? SW Masjid or Akram Jomaa Centre

Documents required before burial: Vital Statistics Form - completed at time of death by family which allows us to get a burial permit.

Medical Certificate of Death - medical form completed at time of death by either an attending physician (if passes in a hospital) or a medical examiner. There are exemptions to this form being filled out immediately, for example death at home under home care and death at a hospice.  

Funeral and Burial Arrangements: Our funeral committee will take care of the following arrangements: 

● Ensure paperwork has been completed
● Coordinate release of the body of the deceased
● Transport the deceased to the masjid
● Make arrangements for bathing (ghusl) and shrouding (takfeen) of the body if the family does not have someone in place
● Contact Sheikh to perform Janazah prayer
● Make arrangements for the burial
● Transport the deceased to the cemetery
● Provide information regarding headstone


There are many expenditures related to funeral and burial services. Alhamdulillah we, the Muslims in Calgary are the first in North America to establish a Muslim cemetery that allows us to bury our loved ones according to the Sunnah (Islamic traditions) as Allah intended. There is a cost recovery fee for this service that will be discussed with the funeral committee who can arrange payment. If deceased was on AISH or Social Security please notify the funeral committee. The cost of a headstone is $800 and MUST be supplied by the Masjid. Headstones are optional, if you are interested in ordering one please speak to a member of the funeral committee.

Location of grave: If you are having difficulty finding the location of your loved ones grave please contact one of the funeral committee members for assistance

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